Universal Mind Theory

Many of you may ponder the concept of why we get English responses when trying to commune to a spirit that spoke a completely different language while they were alive. Even better yet, as a diligent researcher, you study some words or phrases of the focused spirit’s native language that you intend to commune with, and get responses in English that you believe came from the targeted spirit. A bit puzzling, I agree. However, there may be an explanation for this. Alas, like all things I post in this section of my blog, it is nothing but a theory. So keep that in mind as you peruse through this post. However, for sake of deliberation, let me propose a scenario to set the stage so that this theory can be laid out best.

Opportunity comes knocking; you get the rare fortune bestowed upon you to conduct a paranormal investigation of the the famed Moosham Castle in Austria. Built in 1208 by the Prince-Bishops of Salzburg, this castle is steeped in claims of the paranormal because of its strange and sinister past. The beheading of hundreds of witches within the walls of Moosham; of which many are still claimed to haunt the Austrian castle, affords it the affectionate title of “The Witches Castle”. In addition to being home to a coven of creepy witch ghosts, Moosham is also allegedly the lair of the werewolf. During the 1800’s Moosham saw a sudden preponderance of mutilated cattle and deer corpses. As a consequence of this, several castle residents were tried and imprisoned as werewolves. Now that you have a little background on the location of my proposed scenario, we’ll move onto the application of this theory.

You’re there investigating. More specifically, you are conducting an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) session, of which your line of questioning is in your native language, English. Now, being the thoughtful paranormal researcher that you are, you are cognitively aware that the likelihood of a “language barrier” is ever possible. In consideration of this you strategically decide to switch it up and ask some questions in the official language of Austria, which in this case is German. You do this because you realize that the spirits may not understand your questions being asked in English. Here’s where it gets interesting. Upon analysis of the recorded audio, you discover responses in perfect spoken English to your English questions! Yet some of the other responses seem to be in German, or similar regional languages such as Croatian, Hungarian, and Slovene. “How can this be?” you ask yourself. Is it plausible that you, in fact, came into contact with a spirit who’s native tongue was English that either died here or simply resides there for reasons we are not privy to? The answer very well may be much more enigmatic than you think. What if they (the spirits you are communing with) understand you due to Universal Mind Theory; therefore you understand them in return for the same proposed reasoning. Crazy, huh? I wouldn’t blame you if you went cross-eyed at the very thought of this.

Let’s examine the origin of this theory though. Sometime in his life (510 BC – 428 BC), pre-Socratic philosopher and well-known party animal Anaxagoras was the first to theorize that all things were created by this great universal mind and this Universal Mind held all things (i.e.: the cosmos) together perfectly whilst being ubiquitous. Anaxagoras further theorized that upon death all creatures can access this universal mind, learn from it, and become one with it. Many centuries later, in the 19th Century, German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel released the best seller, Phenomenology of Spirit. Phenomenology was his philosophy on the evolution of consciousness from sense perception to absolute knowledge. Hegel mirrored Anaxagoras’ theory on returning to this Universal Mind and becoming one with it. Hegel was the one who actually coined the term Universal Mind. Now fast-forward to the 20th century where Albert Einstein told us that “everything is energy”; that “a human being is a part of the whole called by us [the] Universe”. Keep in mind, these men were amazingly educated scholars of their time, holding many accolades for their knowledge, studies, theories, and / or logic.

So it begs to ask, if the Universal Mind theory can explain a breakdown in language barrier in EVP and / or spirit communication, perhaps after we die we are able to access this “great mind” of consciousness and communicate as we please or by the language of our choice for whatever reasons we choose. I, personally, like that. It also makes sense with why we get a mixed bag of responses along with an explanation of why we get responses in English when we’re speaking to spirits that never spoke or read English ever in their lifetime. So, if we are one with this Universal [great] mind, then we must be one with everything. Therefore the language barrier becomes irrelevant. In short, whether you are speaking English, Chinese, Spanish or German, the Austrian spirit is able to communicate back to you in your language. In this case being English. As I prefaced in the beginning of this post, this is a theory with the hopes that our future efforts in this field of research might obtain evidence due to implementation of this theory as well.

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