Paranormal Technology

In the field of paranormal research we employ many pieces of technology to aid us in our research. Oddly enough, many of the pieces of equipment we use were never made nor intended for our efforts. Rather, we found correlation and brainstormed theories that drove us to test out and try the equipment we have.

Now…does this mean they’re worthy of use for our studies? Not all of them. I have put this page together to showcase some, not all, of the technology I use or am still testing out its validity to the study of the paranormal. The one piece of advice I would give every researcher out there is: DON’T BELIEVE IT JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY IT DOES! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!



Lighting: The lighting we use comes in all shapes, sizes, and intensity. The purpose of it is to illuminate the field of vision we’re looking at the time. Whether it is the visible light spectrum of the human eye (~390-700nm / ~430–790THz), the infrared spectrum (~700nm-1mm / ~430THz -300GHz), and/or the full light spectrum (100Mm-1pm / 3Hz-300EHz) you will use either an flashlight, IR light and/or a full spectrum light. Below are some images of what they may look like.

Night Vision-IR full spectrumLED-Flashlight


Audio: typical intention for recording audio in this field is to document disembodied voices from the other side of the ether; otherwise known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). This technology can come in many sizes, shapes and sensitivities. It is the belief that often spirits speak to us in a frequency range inaudible to the human ear. These devices seem to capture humanoid speech at the time of the recording that the researchers did not hear. For more info about EVP and its classification visit the website for Association TransCommunication.

cassette tape recorder with micTascam-DR-40

Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC): ITC devices are meant to go hand-in-hand with audio end of paranormal research. EVP’s are collected as a result of the equipment designed for instrumental trans-communication.

Ovilus-3 Raudive Germanium Diode Receiverfranks_box



telescopeHandheld_Night_Vision_CameraOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA hd-camcorder