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Casey Goodwin

Co-Founder & Lead Investigator of Oregon Paranormal

As a teenager, Casey was drawn to the mysterious and the obscure, spending long evenings exploring abandoned homes with sordid pasts, as well as other notorious locations in and around his home in Southern California. After relocating to Oregon in 1994, his interest in the unexplained continued to flourish, eventually leading him to co-found Oregon Paranormal in 2009, with the express purpose of conducting related exploration in and around the Pacific Northwest through data collection and analysis, historical research, documentation, education, and collaborative efforts with like-minded teams and independent researchers. Through his work, carried out with both sensitivity and respect, he has helped many families and individuals struggling to comprehend the oft incomprehensible.

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William Becker

Researcher/Investigator of Paranormal Insights

A lifelong (seeing his first full bodied apparition at age 8) paranormal enthusiast and experienced paranormal investigator, William combines his love of history (bachelor’s degree in history) and psychic abilities to allow people inside the world of ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal beings with his haunted hotspots classes, guided ghost tours, and paranormal investigation classes.  The emphasis of all of his work is respectful communication and understanding of the beings and worlds around us.

As a psychic medium, William helps others integrate spirituality into their everyday lives through psychic development classes, past and between life readings, and psychic life coaching. The more we know of the beings and worlds around us, the better we know how to more fully experience and live life.  He also works with clients reading their haunted locations, both in person and remotely, with clients all over the U.S. and in the U.K. He writes a blog, has his own monthly magazine column, and has hosted or been a guest on several web radio programs. His focus is to respect, understand, and communicate with paranormal entities. You can read his monthly column, “Inside the Psychic Mind” in the Paranormal Underground Magazine.  This column explores a variety of his thoughts, understandings and insights developed through his research and direct experience. His blog covers a range of ideas that relate to the paranormal community and cover topics such as ethics, to current activity and the nature of paranormal entities. You can link to his blog on the home page of his web site or through the link below.

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Michael White

Team Lead Researcher/Investigator of PRI

Michael does not believe in ghosts in the traditional sense. He suspects that most reported activity is caused by misperceptions of events, misunderstandings of natural occurrences, and contributions from the living to include recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK), telepathy, hypnagogic experiences, and other psychic phenomenon. After serving 21 years in the military, he utilizes his skills in surveillance and intelligence analysis to scrutinize data obtained on paranormal investigations and paranormal experiments to identify factors that are explainable or remain unexplained. Michael has been interested in strange phenomenon since age 7 after experiencing his first unexplained event and seriously researching the paranormal since 2004. Michael is the founder of Paranormal Research & Investigations.

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Jay Verburg

Director of Historical Research of Oregon Paranormal

Jay began his unexpected paranormal journey as one of the two Greenhorn miners on SyFy’s Ghost Mine. With a passion for the Old West, he has been casually exploring ghost towns and abandoned locations, striving to discover historically rich areas for the past 15 years. Fascination with history and the gold that still runs through the mountains of Eastern Oregon unexpectedly landed him in the small town of Sumpter. It was there he found himself not only working as a hard rock miner, but witnessing events that led him to an entirely new journey — paranormal research. Research of history and the paranormal have led Jay to some of the greatest location throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, and Colorado. Jay currently travels the U.S., speaking on paranormal research, and revealing how history can lead to the discovery of many rumored haunts. Jay works closely with like-minded individuals and investigative groups such as A.S.E.P., the Paranormal Studies Institute, Paranormal Research & Investigations of Washington, and Oregon Paranormal. As Director of Historical Research for Oregon Paranormal, Jay focuses on studying energy and the pursuit of awareness surrounding the existence of intelligence beyond death. As a featured investigator on the internet network Dark Zone, Jay often reveals behind the scenes videos while working on his latest joint project, The Permanents – A documentary focusing on the paranormal “permanent residents” of the Old Wheeler Hotel on the Oregon Coast.

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Scott Paasch

Independent Researcher



Neil McNeill

Parapsychology Consultant

Neil has worked in the fields of parapsychology, paranormal field investigation, and paranormal education for over 25 years. He is a consultant for television, film, and print media; regularly lectures for paranormal conferences and professional organizations; and is often a featured guest for local, regional, and national news and radio programs.
In 2012, Neil produced “Dark & Stormy Nights: Parapsychology for Ghost Hunters”, an educational DVD based on his popular and long-running college courses. He also co-chaired the paranormal education panel with Loyd Auerbach at the 2014 International Convention of the Parapsychological Association.
Neil is based near Seattle, and is a member of the Rhine Research Center, the Parapsychological Association, and the Seattle Consciousness Education & Research Society founded by Dr. Vernon Neppe. Neil co-founded the annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference, serves as the director of Paranormal Studies Institute, and co-directs the ParaPsi College.

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Damah Stearns

Independent Researcher

The paranormal has been a passion of mine ever since my own unexplained experiences as a young child. Over the years I read every book and watched every show I could find on the paranormal.
Whether it was hauntings, cryptozoology, ESP or UFO’s, I was absolutely hooked on all things considered weird or unusual. I also had several loved ones pass away before their time, including both my parents. This sparked even more interest in the possibility of life after death. I would often visit, research and explore all kinds of reportedly haunted locations. In 1995, I had the opportunity to help a family that claimed was being terrorized by paranormal activity in their home. It was a case that cemented my devotion to the studies of the paranormal. I was able to educate and help this family make better sense of what was going on in their home, and how not to live in fear. I had found my calling! I finally found a way I could not only continue my quest to understand the paranormal, but I could also help people!

Thru the years I have met many individuals and families of all walks of life that have come face to face with the unexplained. It can be quite rattling and terrifying especially where kids are involved. Words can’t describe the incredible feeling of being able to help these people and give them peace of mind. I continued to work cases independently, until eventually I joined a couple different paranormal investigative teams. In 2012, I co-founded Portland Paranormal Research Team, with a colleague. Tragically my colleague passed away unexpectedly only 8 months later. It was difficult but I continued the team and now have conducted countless investigations at historical, commercial, residential locations, even several universities. I now also collaborate with other highly respected colleagues, teams and independent researchers in the paranormal field on various cases and experiments.

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Kala Ojala

Founder of Crossroads Independent Paranormal Society

Kala was born and raised in Oregon, currently living in a rural country town. Growing up traveling with her adventurous grandparents, she was able to visit some of the most historical locations across the US. Mostly intrigued by abandoned towns, also known as “Ghost Towns”, Kala and her grandfather would curiously explore various abandoned mines and buildings left behind in the mountains and deserts, thriving to learn the history of every location.

Today, Kala is the Founder of Crossroads Independent Paranormal Society. She is a Historical Researcher, Independent Consultant, and Paranormal Investigator. Kala has been interested and involved in the paranormal field for over 15 years. Due to many loved ones passing, she became more curious of the paranormal world and that opened her up to the possibilities of connecting with the other side. Kala’s goals are to continue her research as a productive member of the paranormal community, adventuring out into the unknown, and researching and uncovering the hidden secrets that history has left behind.

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