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ASEP Radio is hosted by ASEP’s very own, Ben & Nicole Robison. This is not your typical podcast covering the world of the paranormal. There will be no filter. It will be unorthodox.
WARNING: Contains adult content & language. Listener discretion is advised.

Show #21 – Live show at the 7th Annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference
ASEP Radio hosts a live show at the 7th Annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference. We interview Michael White, Kristen Gray, and Casey Goodwin about Hollywood and the paranormal. What did they do right? What did they do wrong? And more!

Show #20 – Nicole Strickland
After a few month hiatus, because Nicole & Ben get hitched, we get to talk with Nicole Strickland about our field of research, her experiences and projects she’s involved in.

Show #19 – Michelle Belanger
In this nearly hour and a half long show, we get an opportunity to talk to Michelle Belanger about her beginnings in this field, her energy work, her writings, and her thoughts on specific topics in the paranormal field related to Psychics. We even learn some new things regarding one of her books!

Show #18 – Kristen Luman
In this episode we get to sit down and chat with Kristen Luman of Ghost Mine, Ghost Hunters and Behind the Screams. We talk about her work on the shows as well as her career in Hypnotherapy and how it plays a role in her research of the paranormal. Grab your favorite drink and sit back and listen to this great conversation!

Show #17 – Seth Michael
In this episode we get to sit down and chat with our friend and colleague, Seth Michael of White Light Paranormal Insight. Seth talks about his beginnings in this field as well as his experiences. This in depth and natural conversation will not only titillate your 3rd eye, but will educate you as well. Grab a drink, and drown that thirst for all things paranormal in this episode of ASEP Radio with Ben Robison & Nicole Katsanes.

Show #16 – Ghost Stories Pt2
ASEP Radio is proud to present our annual Ghost Stories edition featuring eerie stories from Jake Murray, Clarissa Vazquez, Seth Michael, Mary Bethune, Casey Goodwin, Morgan Sampson, Shawn Flye, and Jordan Parker. Grab your favorite hot drink and sit down next to the fire and feast your ears on these spooky tales!

Show #15 – Jeff Meldrum
In this special 2 hour episode, we tap into the mind of Dr. Jeff Meldrum regarding Sasquatch research. We were especially quiet comparatively to our past shows as we were utterly fascinated by the info and stories he shared. Have a couple of your favorite drinks whilst tuning in to this amazing episode!

Show #14 – Katrina Weidman
Nicole & I get a chance to talk to Katrina Weidman of Paranormal State and Real Fear: The Truth Behind The Movies and have a very organic conversation regarding the paranormal. We highly recommend you sit down with your favorite drink and listen to this excellent interview!

Show #13 – Number 13
Celebrating the #13 and other superstitions. We recap the first 12 episodes and the amazing guests that we had on our show. This is quite a fun banter that Nicole & I have going on. So, grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy this special!

Show #12 – Jeff Davis
Sit back with your favorite drink and listen to our newest show where we get an opportunity to talk with Jeff Davis. Nicole & myself talk shop with this vet of the paranormal research field. And hey…there is a musical treat for you in there…you’ll just have to listen to it to find this audible morsel!
To purchase any or ALL of Jeff’s literally works, visit: http://www.ghostsandcritters.com/

Show #11 – Horsefly Chronicles
In this episode when learn about the struggles that Philip Siracusa, his family, Karissa Fleck and many others have endured and continue to endure regarding what they know to be a demonic entity (possibly more).

Show #10 – Rick Hale
In our 1st show of the year, myself and my new co-host, Nicole Katsanes talk with Rick Hale about his book, his research, thoughts on certain topics in the field as well as his new show. This very candid insight is a no holds barred conversation that truly will shift your paradigm of paranormal research.

Show #9 – Neil McNeill
Seriously one of the most fascinating conversations to date. Sadly, it took me over 3 months to get this out. Neil is someone I hold in high regard and consider a good friend as well as a mentor. Because of competing demands I fell short on getting this out in a timely manner. However, this episode is nothing but “short”. We talk for nearly an hour and 45 minutes on the topic of parapsychology. A topic that not only captivates me, but is what I feel is the essence of what paranormal research is all about. I strongly encourage you to take a listen to this. It is an interview of interviews.

Show #8 – Ben Hansen
I get an opportunity to catch up with the busy man, Ben Hansen of SyFy’s hit show Fact or Faked Paranormal Files and talk about how he got into the world of the paranormal. From encounters at local Utah war memorials, to cases he worked on for SyFy’s Fact or Faked show, Ben delves in and offers some of his opinions and theories on ghosts, Bigfoot, and his favorite subject, aliens/UFO’s.

Show #7 – ASEP Radio & Oregon Paranormal Radio at the Oregon Ghost Conference ’14
ASEP Radio joins forces with Oregon Paranormal Radio in this special edition LIVE podcast at the Oregon Ghost Conference 2014 featuring our friend and newfound colleague, Jay Verburg. In this show we recorded this in front of a live audience with their participation!

Show #6 – William Becker
Dubbed the “Lost Show” as this interview was recorded in the fall of 2013, however because of a glitch I thought it was lost. Recently I was perusing my folders and found that, in fact, the audio was saved! Without further ado I bring you the “Lost Show” featuring William Becker who is Co-Founder of the Oregon Ghost Conference (oregonghostconference.com) and co-tour guide lead for Northwest Ghost Tours (nwghosttours.com). William discusses his first profound experience with a spirit to the projects he’s involved (“Finding Your Psychic Voice” & “Haunted Hotspots”) in and this years Oregon Ghost Conference. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage and tune in to a great show & conversation all the way around!

Show #5 – Jay Verburg
Special guest, Jay Verburg, star of the SyFy hit reality show “Ghost Mine” joins me to discuss where it all began for him and ghosts. We delve into ideas and theories that he has, what he wants to do, and some interesting conversation that I guarantee you have never heard from him thus far! We recorded this episode in the old historic Portland Police Headquarters in downtown Portland, OR.

Show #4 – Ghost Stories Pt. 1
Friends and colleagues join me in sharing their spine tingling experiences that helped shape their belief in supernatural phenomena. In this show you’ll hear from Kasse Gordon, Jenny Patrick, Annie Loucks, and William Becker. Make sure you listen all the way through for a funny outro that should give you a good laugh.

Show #3  – Michael White
Michael White of Paranormal Research & Investigations joins me to talk about his first significant paranormal encounter, how we met, to discussion of experiments he’s worked on and currently working on. He explains a fascinating experience with remote viewing, and few other juicy tidbits that I am sure you’ll enjoy!

Show #2 – Jim Robison
In this episode of ASEP Radio my guest is my father, Jim Robison, on the topic of Ufology. We discuss his genesis into the world of UFO’s and aliens. From there we migrate into talking about some of the bizarre cases he has researched and end the show on the topic of what his thoughts were on alien interaction with us.

Show #1 – Casey Goodwin
ASEP’s first podcast was held at the beautiful bed & breakfast, Portland’s White House. My first guest is fellow colleague and friend, Casey Goodwin of Oregon Paranormal. We discuss why he believes in supernatural phenomena, why he decided to form a paranormal group, the challenges faced with operating a group at this magnitude, as well as what he feels is lacking in this field of research. We end the show talking about him personally, along with how folks can get in touch with Oregon Paranormal.

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