The S.E.R.M. Hypothesis

Spectral Emotion to Radio Frequency Manifestation Hypothesis

By Ben Robison

Most paranormal researchers in this field have their own theories & belief, which is possibly due to results from their own studies or through their research on this topic.  I am no exception. My theories and beliefs are based on both, as some others’ may well be too. They may also find that some of what I’ll be talking about will either overlap or directly correlate with their theories or beliefs. Let’s start off with energy. Energy comes in many forms, and with that you have energy that has transformed into other derivatives of energy. For example: A dam is set into place to pool up a reservoir of water which builds pressure against the dam wall. This is called potential energy. As the water is allowed to pass through the dam and across the turbine blades, it spins these blades, which are connected to a generator that creates electricity as the turbine spins. The transformation from potential energy to electrical energy is complete. Now there are many ways to distinguish or categorize forms of energy. However, rather than focusing on listing all of the forms, I am going to just list some of the most recognizable forms. One thing to note here is that this is not to negate that the other forms of energy come into play here. To list, there is thermal, chemical, radiant, nuclear, elastic, mechanical, luminous/light, sound, electrical, and magnetic energy. For the most part, what I’ll be covering will focus on the last two, electrical and magnetic energy, more specifically electromagnetic fields, which are the result of the combination of electrical & magnetic energies. Within this electromagnetic field is electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and within EMR is a type of electromagnetic radiation called Radio waves. Radio waves are comprised of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, and these wavelengths are respectively proportional to frequencies. The Radio frequency range of Radio waves goes from the low end at 3 Hz to as high as 3000 GHz.

SERM Pic #1

Why am I taking the time to explain this in such detail? Trust me, you’ll see. It will all pay off as we get further into this hypothesis. Now, in consideration of all the theories I’ve come across, and with all due respect & recognition, I saw a common denominator: Radio frequency.  Remember the breakdown I provided earlier? Here is where drilling down to radio frequency comes into play with my hypothesis. I saw more relevant evidence that lends credence to, and/or supports, the theory that spirits (intelligent, residual, human, non-human, etc.) can exist on many radio frequencies. As I alluded previously, Radio frequency is a derivative of both electrical and magnetic energies, making it much more difficult for us to capture evidence, as the range of frequencies is wide and layered. Don’t think narrowly either. It’s not just the common frequencies most people think of with regard to radio or TV; it includes any & all of them, from the extreme low all the way up to the extreme high (3 Hz-3000 GHz). As paranormal researchers, we employ equipment such as Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meters to detect fluctuations in these frequency ranges by measuring the strength of the low-frequency EMF radiation. This is backed, as it is strongly believed, (by many documented accounts of personal experiences corroborated with readings from these meters) that supernatural phenomena correlates to changes in these measured radio frequencies. We also primarily use digital audio recording devices nowadays to capture these disembodied responses to our questions during Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) sessions. The problem is that the aforementioned equipment all has a frequency response range. While EMF meters are great tools for detecting changes in these fields, there is no current translation for gauss/milligauss to Radio frequency on them which would be immensely beneficial. Even then, the meters still don’t cover the whole gamut with regard to the RF range. Digital audio recorders can capture audio between 20Hz to 20kHz, at best. However, knowing what frequency they (spirits) will show up on at any given moment is even more difficult, and there lies our challenge.

Trifield Olympus VN-7200

So, we’ve talked about the technological aspect of this hypothesis, now for the organic end of this, the human body. The human body is a complex system in general. Even more complex is its own electrical system. Our body even has a special group of cardiomyocyte cells called the sinoatrial node, which is responsible for generating the electrical impulses that keep the heart pumping, along with other functions. This electrical signal can be measured as well. We have also discovered that human emotions have their own frequencies, in that when we are having a particular emotion, it changes our overall frequency. This introduces the neurobiological dynamic of this hypothesis, with the body working as its own power plant creating electrical signals and possessing its own measurable magnetic field. With the two combined, radio frequency occurs naturally. As emotions change, so do the frequencies, and the body transmits these signals, essentially acting as a biological transponder. This is all fine and dandy, but we’re not researching the living in the field of paranormal research. Understanding how the physical body is “wired” and how it is measured by its electromagnetic fields is crucial to tying together Albert Einstein’s theory on energy while fathoming a specter still harnessing the energy from its past living body.

SERM Pic #2

Well, to quote Albert Einstein he said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” What then happens when the body dies and the organic end of this is no longer a factor? With the physical body or shell gone, it is theorized that the energy remains, which is what we commonly refer to as the soul, or spirit. This may be where our soul or spirit truly comes into the equation. Our immortal essence encapsulates our energy and all that is included with it, including, but not limited to, our intelligent and emotional responses. Think about that. For the spirits that we’re trying to commune with, and the line of questions we are asking them, it may come down to an emotion. Whether induced by provocation or a genuine gesture, we may invoke a change in their emotional response and, in turn, the frequency through which they might communicate. For that matter, the same could be said for an imprinted event recorded in the fabric surrounding an episode. Whatever emotions were preserved in the landscape may, from time to time, garner enough energy on that particular frequency that the energy activates the playback of this documented event. Hence, energizing a residual haunting.


There are caveats to this though. The fact is this: all frequencies are vulnerable to the ingress of “noise”, and some more than others. This “noise” distorts, or “dirties”, the signal of the radio frequency being affected, much in the same way as your radio gets more static on the station you are tuned into when passing under power lines. This is an important dynamic to factor in with regard to my hypothesis. Competition and “cross-talk” of radio frequencies are ever present, especially during the daytime of this modern, technology driven society we reside in. Yes, I also recognize that there is noise around the clock. However, even in the field I work in (telecommunications), we perform maintenance procedures in the early AM hours, as there is less impact due to lower usage. Humans are cyclical, and the things we’ve created & surround ourselves with, more often than not, maintain this same pattern. As an example, take a look at a graph I took a snapshot of from Google’s monitoring graph system. As you can see, it reflects the dip in traffic in the wee hours of the morning. Now, please understand that I am not trying to wrap this hypothesis all up in a neat little package referencing the frequencies used in the telecom world. Rather, I am using this as it offers good visuals that precisely correspond to the S.E.R.M. Hypothesis. It is also why, as paranormal researchers, we need to consider why it is that we’re only getting partial responses most of the time to our questions. I believe receiving such rare and short responses is due to the change in the spirits’ emotion during the response and the frequency response limitations of the recording equipment we’re using. I haven’t even factored in the congestion of frequencies yet, which fall victim to stronger strength signals overpowering other signals. So, if spirits reside in these frequencies and there is more interference during the daytime due to increased use on a larger scale of frequencies, it seems that the chances of getting a full, clean response would be when there is a lull in the overall frequency usage. In my humble opinion, this is just another reason we should investigate between the hours of midnight to 4 AM (locally) for an optimal “playing field”.

SERM Pic #3

On the flip, it’s also plausible that these influxes of frequencies have attributed to “fueling” these spirits and, in turn, allowing for more frequent encounters. Which means I could be partially wrong. In an effort to put us in a better position as researchers trying to garner full & clear responses from the other side of the veil we need design equipment that can measure the full frequency range which encompasses sound, light, radio (Extremely Low Frequency – ELF all the way to Extremely High Frequency – EHF), neurobiological, etc. A full spectrum camera, for instance, would also be able to be coupled with software that could tell us what frequency an artifact in question is. Or complimenting a full spectrum camera with the capability to take thermal photos as well, again offering the frequency of an anomaly with the software. It seems we are focusing on devices that measure a certain range of frequencies, and most don’t even record/log them. I must also make acknowledgement with respect to FCC regulations and understand that some frequencies are prohibited without special access or licenses. This should not be a deterrent, but a challenge that can be achieved through mass support & efforts within the paranormal research community. I would love to see a device that could trigger a photo to be snapped or a video to start recording as a result of EMF spikes, thermal hits, and uncommon frequency usage. This device would have the capability to record video, audio, photos, EMF, radio, thermal, etc., as well as log them in a database for catalog & trending purposes. Then we would use the software to determine the frequency in which the captured anomalies in question were sitting on. When spirits change frequency due to varying emotions our gear could follow, monitor and capture these moments. We could take it farther & farther, but right now we look through a peephole when we should be surveying through a telescope. We’re waiting for them to manifest in a small window of frequencies we’ve been vigilantly watching when they could, in fact, be bouncing around on many other frequencies (due to changes in emotion) our gear is not designed to cover. Theoretically we are only getting a fragment of the message that we could be receiving. I know for myself, my clients, and for the sake of seeking to understand, it seems it only behooves of us to help ourselves accomplish what most of us in this field of research set out to do…scientifically confirm the existence of ghosts.

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2 thoughts on “The S.E.R.M. Hypothesis

  1. Well said. Food for thought and well stated. The need for equipment improvements, thinking outside the peephole, conducting research, testing and scientifically approaching the field is far from over due and a step in the correct direction. Thanks for sharing!

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