ASEP has designed this page as a means to offer a portal for a variety of associations with ASEP. These associations are (but not limited to): other paranormal organizations who are non-profit, authors, independent researchers, vendors, sites dedicated to this field of research, as well as non-profits that support (via donations, hardware grants & services) ASEP and/or this field of research. We feel that this opens the channel of choices for our clients and at the same time networks us all together. *Please note: We only link with other paranormal groups who have a similar page to link back to us. If you change your address or the site goes down and we discover a broken link we will remove the link, unless notified.

Social Networks:

Oregon Paranormal
Paranormal Research & Investigations
Paranormal Studies Institute
Paranormal Insights


Parapsychology Organizations:
The Parapsychological Association –
Windbridge Research Center –
Society for Psychical Research –
Institute of Noetic Sciences –
Rhine Research Center –
The Parapsychology Foundation –